Bottom Fishing

Bottom Fishing is a pleasure. It is generally done with the boat stopped, and anchored. So when we are ubicated in a good reference: good stone, we can start fishing. We can know where is this marks with a complete equipment of sonda readings in depths of up to 900 meters and has an incredible resolution in the bottom.
Where will generally fishing, about 20 to 40 meters. Sometimes, we also fish "al rolo", that is, without anchor and drifting, strolling our baits through different bottoms, generally can be sand or mud so as not to catch and lose many leads. This way is widely used for fishing for bream and horse mackerel. It is always convenient to put one or two rods with a small live bait, horse mackerel, mackerel, maiden, etc. With this way, we will get catches of dentex, snappers, capiton, samas, groupers, conger eels generally.

When we fish with the anchor down, we try to put the baits in the bottom.
Depending on the area and the species to be looked for, we will fishing with diferent baits, being especially attractive the crabs, and also with squid and sardines for bream, snapper, bream, brecas, etc..

Minimum duration of 2 hours fishing, increasing by one more hour to a maximum of 8.
Possibility of fishing for snappers, breams, dentones, chopas, etc ...
As you have more time, more possibility of catches.

INCLUDED: Fishing equipment, fishing monitor, baits, licenses, medical and liability insurance, beverages, diesel.
Maximun 10 people, Advisable maximum of fishing people. Ideal for families, friends, groups.


Customer reviews

Amazing captain, amazing yacht, all inclusive
“One of the yacht experiences I've had in a charter. I have previously used other companies in Banus but by far this was one of the best experiences ever! I was with some friends and family and we got served with great respect. We saw Dolphins, we went on a donut ride, the captain contacted one of the companies they work with so we could use jetski and other water sport rides, was an extra charge that we paid directly to the other company but it was wonderful.“

Date of experience: June 2016

Weekend trip
“Very good - clean, VERY nice boat with good space,very good value for money! . Daniel was very informative during trip. Good captain! Lucky to see up to 50 dolphins close by, but even without this a very good 3 hour trip thanks!“

Date of experience: May 2017

— pc251. Man from Vejle, Denmark